Fuel Nutrition

FUEL is 1-on-1 accountability and nutrition coaching that will ensure you will hit your fitness goals! It does not matter if your goal is to lose a little weight, pack on muscle, perform better in the gym or to look good naked, we are here to help. Nutrition is the missing piece that will take you from where you are, to where you want to be. It can seem like everything around you, from family, fast food, work, lack of time, etc... is meant to keep you from eating correctly! Your FUEL coach will provide a personalized nutrition plan for you based on your goals and will provide the accountability to keep you on track and support you as you reach your goals. The FUEL Nutrition Program is a 3 month minimum program. After the initial 3 months, it is month-to-month and requires 30 days notice to cancel. Many people continue with us until and after they have reached their goal in order to keep them accountable. FUEL is a non-restrictive, sustainable method of eating that can be done for life! Not matter how long you are a FUEL client, you will be able to take your knowledge and eat this way for the rest of your life.
Barry Boswell before and after Barry Boswell

What is included

  • One-on-one personal coach to keep you accountable
  • Initial questionnaire and discovery session to learn about your fitness and nutrition goals
  • How much food you should eat each day
  • Adjustments to your plan as necessary
  • Weekly online check-ins with your personal coach to check progress and make changes if needed
  • Support system to help you navigate the holidays, family visits, eating out and lack of motivation
  • Monthly 30 minute in person check-in to analyze progress
  • Monthly Body Measurements
  • Monthly full body composition analysis scan on our state of the art In-Body 270.


  • CrossFit Diehard Members -$99/month
  • Non-Members $125/month
If you have any questions or are ready to get started with FUEL, simply fill out the form and one of our nutrition coaches will contact you shortly. We look forward to answering any questions you have and to work with you soon! Click here to read more Fuel Nutrition Success Stories!

- Team Diehard

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