CrossFit Workout Of The Day 11/11/2017

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Spend 10 minutes warming up to a moderate load power snatch with perfect technique. Athletes should not fail any reps during this 10 due to going too heavy


With a partner:

30 Hang Power Snatch 115/75

300m Team Farmer Carry: 2 kettlebells go 300m. Athletes can split anyway they choose: one person holding both and one resting or each person carrying one kettlebell.

Saturday partner WOD is back! Today begins with 10 minutes of power snatch technique work. Hone your craft. Make sure you put attention to detail in each rep, keeping the weight moderate. This is called practice. We are not shooting for a 1rm today: today, we want perfection of technique.

The wod consists of moderate weight hang power snatches and team farmer carries. The snatches will pretax the grip and then the farmer carry will finish the job. Carrying one bell at a time can be awkward, but it develops the core in a different way than a standard farmer carry. Grab a partner and have fun!