CrossFit Workout Of The Day 11/15/2017

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Barbell Cycling:

*Work the Complex for 15 minutes.

2 Snatch Deadlift + Shrug from the floor

1 Squat Snatch from the floor

1 Overhead Squat

*Complex should be completed touch-and-go unbroken


15 Min cap

For time:


30 overhead squats 115/75

45 pull-ups

20 overhead squats 115/75

30 pull-ups

* (if you did pull-ups on monday, perform toes-to-bar instead)


30 overhead squats 115/75

15 muscle-ups

20 overhead squats 115/75

10 muscle-ups

Todays Olympic weightlifting/barbell cycling is designed to help improve the progression in the first, second and third pulls of the snatch. Many common errors in the snatch come from improper sequencing between the pulls or cutting one pull short in order to start the next pull. This particular complex today will help you stay in order and finish each pull before moving on to the next.

Todays simple couplet comes from the main CrossFit site. Overhead squats are the most demanding of the squats on the entire body, paired with either a muscle-up, pull-up or toes-to-bar, depending on which version you are doing. The weight and reps are set to tempt the most proficient to attempt to go unbroken. This would be an incredible feat! Most however will have a few planned breaks in the first round and possibly go unbroken on the second round. Whatever you plan, make sure to push yourself hard, but no to complete failure on the pull-up/muscle-up. This way you can keep rest time short and eliminate hand tearing.