CrossFit Workout Of The Day 11/6/2017

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5RFT w/ 20 min cap:

Row 25/17 Calories

Rest 1 minute

Bike 20/15 Calories

Rest 1 minute



20 C2B Pull-Ups

200m Butcher Push (40/empty)

10 per side Dumbbell/Kettlebell Lunges 35’s/25’s (bells held in farmer carry position)

100m Butcher Push (40/empty)

The first part of todays workout is rowing and Assault Biking intervals. These are designed to be approximately 1:1 work/rest with the number of calories required. Some will finish in under a minute and some over, but the mid range should be around a minute. Why not just program a minute on and a minute of rest? I’m glad you asked! That is called a time priority workout meaning everyone will work the same amount of time. The temptation with time priority workouts is to relax a bit, knowing the clock will save you. Today is what is called a task priority interval, meaning the clock will not save you at the one minute mark. You must complete the work no matter what. Hopefully this motivates you to push hard until the time cap at the end of the 20 minutes

The second part of todays workout is a combination of chest-to-bar pull-ups, Butcher sled push and lunges. This workout has some programmed interference going from butcher, lunge and back to butcher. The leg pump will be insane! Then the lower body will get a break during the pull-ups before reigniting the leg pump on the next round. Push hard, the sled and dumbbells are light!