CrossFit Workout Of The Day 11/7/2017

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Work the circuit for in 25 min:

-Front Squats: 5 reps with 2 second pause in the bottom

-10 Dumbbell Rows/Side

-10 Strict Single Leg Alternating TTB



12 Thrusters 95/65

12 Burpees over-the-bar

48 Double-Unders

Rest 1 minute

We will be working front squats for the next few months. We are going to work many different rep schemes, tempos and weights, so that we work all possible points of weakness in the front squat. Adding a 2 second pause in the bottom of the squat will make sure your torso is positioned correctly with good posture, will insure you hit depth and have your weight in your heels, and will force you to keep your elbows up in a good front rack position. Getting comfortable and strong in the bottom of the movement transfers well to many other CrossFit exercises such as a big squat clean! Accessory work for the day is the same as last week designed to build a strong core and increase your single arm pulling strength to help improve or get your first pull-up, muscle-up, toes-to-bar, etc…

Todays wod is designed to be all out sprint intervals. Low weight, low reps and built in rest may look “easy”, but they are not when done properly. Your goal as the athlete should be to blast through each interval without pacing and really test/improve your bodies ability to recover in the 1 min minute rest time. Do your best to breathe deeply and lower your heart rate to hit it again!