CrossFit Workout Of The Day 2/5/2020

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In 20 minutes, work the circuit as heavy as possible:

-8 Strict Press from the floor

-8 Front Rack Lunges 4/side (with press weight if possible). rx+ Overhead lunges

*at some point in the 20 minutes, perform 2 sets of max reps strict unweighted pull-ups, if athlete does not have strict pull-ups yet, add 8 reps of their pull-up scale to the circuit



4 Front Squats 225/155

8 Strict Ring Dips (sub bench or box dips, not push-ups unless the athlete can’t bench/box dip)

16 Wallballs

*A note on todays workout. Lots of times, workouts are designed to have no interference, meaning the exercises are mainly different muscle groups so the transition to the next exercise leaves the athlete feeling fresh. Today is not that. Today is designed interference to give more muscle fatigue.