CrossFit Workout Of The Day 5/10/2019

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After group BB warm-up of cnj and snatch, take 15 Minutes to either:

If not here last friday, Complete part A of LM Weightlifting:

-progress through the cleans into a 1rm clean and jerk if possible

-if athlete levels out with time left and below the clean and jerk, have them drop weight and work the complex:

1 power clean +1 front squat + 1 push press

If were here last friday, work up to a 1rm snatch for int/adv. For beginners work the complex 3 hang power snatch + 3 OHS


partner up and complete the LM Kettlebell test:

If you hit your KB level last week and do not want to attempt it again, complete the amrap


20 Db Snatch (10/side, non alternating)

14/9 Cal Bike