CrossFit Workout Of The Day 5/13/2019

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LM Testing week 3:

**do not input level if it is less than last time**

**this will be the last week to obtain levels until retesting until next year most likely**

**the exception to the above will be if you get your first strict HSPU, first strict rmu, pr the deadlift or front squat, first pull-up, etc.. in our regular programming

**For groups 1 &2, the rule of using the lower of the two levels only applies to the first time you test, in order to ensure they get a score.


In 20 minutes complete Rings, Squat Endurance and Neurological and Core Endurance**.


If qualified for Annie, partner up and complete Annie with a partner

If not qualified for annie, perform AMRAP 10:30 of:

40 Double-unders

7 Double bell goblet squats (use the same db/kb’s for both. Should be heavy)

50m  farmers carry

Optional Extra Work for the week:

5×5 Strict wide grip pull-ups(weighted if possible)

5×5 Strict weighted ring dips

100 GHD Time Trial*

*every time you break or pause, get of the ghd and bearhug a heavy sandbag for 30s

If you did the Row this week, make up #murphprepwednesday

Bench Cycle Week 16: 3 x 3 x 90%


15s all out bike for max cals

2 Mile Time Trial



50m butcher push

20 V-ups

10 Thrusters