Hatch Squat Cycle Spreadsheet Download

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Download Hatch Squat Cycle Spreadsheet


Click the link above or below to download the Hatch Squat Cycle spreadsheet.

If you do this on a computer, you should be able to add your squat right away. If you are on your phone, you will most likely need to save it to your phone. See the below screenshots.


When you click the link on iPhone, it will look like this. Click the save button at the bottom

Once you click this, click “Save to files” or “Add to Google Drive”

Once you click “Save to files” select whichever cloud storage you use, I prefer Google Drive, but any will work.

Once it is on your phone, simply input your current 1RM Back and Front Squat in the box at the top and the spreadsheet will give you your weights for each day in the cycle.


Here’s the link:

Hatch Squat Cycle Spreadsheet Download