CrossFit Workout Of The Day 8/10/2016

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All out 2k Row Time Trial (RE-TEST)


15 min not for time, for quality and effort on each individual set

Alternate between:

Max Reps Bench at 70%

Max Consecutive Double-Unders (if you are just learning or don’t have a giant set, do max attempts in 1 minute. If you have a giant set and get under 10 reps, you can take a mulligan)

We will not be taking a score for this portion, rest as needed between sets

CrossFit Workout Of The Day 8/8/2016

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20 min to Work up to a 1RM Back Squat @ 33X0

Accessory Work: 8 db benchpress @20X0

15 min cap:



12 Strict Press (50’s/35’s) scale should be heavy

15 Front Squats 135/95

20 Burpees


For time:

12 deficit handstand push-ups (45’s and abmat/25’s and abmat)

15 front squats 185/125

20 burpees-to-target

9 deficit handstand push-ups

18 front squats 155/105

20 burpees-to-target

6 deficit handstand push-ups

21 front squats 135/95

20 burpees