CrossFit Workout Of The Day 11/13/2017

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Row 20/15 Calories

Rest 1 minute

Bike 15/11 Calories

Rest 1 minute


17 minute cap:

10 Rounds for time of:

30 Double-unders

10 Pull-ups

10 Push Press, 95/65

This is the second week of the Assault Bike and Rowing intervals combined. Similar to last week, but slightly different in that today is a 20 min amrap and the calories have been lowered. The lower calorie number is there so that you push harder and pace less. These are meant to be sprints, try not to pace!

Today workout is a 10 rounder! This means transitions have to be kept short because there is a lot of them. Efficiency on all movements will pay off. Going too fast the first few rounds with disregard to form may leave you out in front in the beginning, but towards the middle and end will cause you to gas out early. This workout can be easily finished under the cap if you have all the movements. If you struggle with even one of the three, finishing will be a struggle. Stay efficient my friends!