CrossFit Workout Of The Day 11/9/2017

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16 min wod:

2 rounds for total reps:

2 minutes max reps rope climbs

2 minutes max reps strict ring dips

2 minutes max reps toes-to-bar

2 minutes max reps strict handstand pushups



Half and Half is back! Today we are scoring total reps for 4 movements done twice for two minutes. We have had lots of lower body to this point in the week and today we will be mostly upper body. The movements are designed to alternate between pushing and pulling so that you can move between exercises and have energy to keep going. Use poker chips if you need to keep count! Scale the movements as necessary to get a great workout.

The second part of todays class is our 20 min mobility session. These sessions are essential to staying healthy, maintaining proper mobility to complete all the CrossFit movements and for clearing the mind. Don’t blow it off because “stretching is not the coolest”