CrossFit Workout Of The Day 5/17/2019

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Finish finding level for LM weightlifting

If already have and are satisfied with level, work the complex:


2 hang power cleans

2 front squats

2 push press


1 Hang squat clean

1 Front squat

1 Push press

1 push jerk


partner up and complete the LM Kettlebell test:

-if athletes are new or failed to achieve a level in this test last time, have them start with the lowest level on the board which is 18/16 russian swings per minute.  This test was the one more people failed to achieve a level on than any other, so please just have them get on the board. If they successfully completed the two hand last week, they can do the single arm this week. If the successfully completed the single arm last week, they can do the snatches this week. If they hit their KB level last week and do not want to attempt it again, complete the amrap


8 Deadlifts 275/185