FUEL Nutrition Success Stories

In the summer of 2018, there came a point where I knew I needed to make a change. One day scrolling through my photos, I came across some of myself with my family at the beach. Seeing those, I couldn’t deny the reality of where I was. I became frustrated with how I looked, overweight and out of shape.

At that time, I had been on the job with the new organization working with college students for about 7 months. I had been married for 9 years with two sons and a daughter on the way, and in that time, I gained nearly 50 lbs. For myself, my family, and my career, something had to happen.

That’s when I found CrossFit Diehard and it’s Fuel Nutrition program. Having been a college athlete, I knew that food was important to how one performs, but if I’m honest, I never truly considered what I was consuming. Therefore, I knew that if I was going to invest in my health I not only needed to work out well, I needed to eat well too.

The number one skill that Fuel Nutrition helped me develop was tracking. In my experience, if you want to see the best results, you have to track what you are doing. To some that may seem overwhelming, but with the help of a nutrition coach and an app to help keep track of your macros (carbs, fats, and proteins), I believe you can achieve your goals also.

You maybe asking the question, why is Fuel Nutrition effective? I believe it is successful because it is a minimally, restrictive approach to eating, and is a method that can be a sustainable, lifelong way of eating. Working with my nutrition coach, Barry Boswell, for nearly eight months and working out on average four days a week, I have seen many improvements.

Being on the Fuel Nutrition program, I have lost 40 lbs. My body fat went from 28.5% to 15.5%. As well, I gained muscle. I went from a 46″ to a 38.75″ chest. My waist went from 42.5″ to 31.75″. My hips went from 45″ to 40″. I know everyone is different, but those are the results that I have seen on this program.

I would highly recommend contacting Barry and setting up an appointment today to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Julia Harrelson Before and After

When I first heard about the FUEL nutrition program, I was a little more than one year post delivering my third baby, and I had officially given up on ever fitting back into any of my pre-baby clothes. Even my workout shorts were woefully tight. I
had faithfully been working out, and running four to five days a week. I felt strong, I just couldn’t get those last 20lbs to go away. I looked in the mirror and I looked bloated, all the time, and as a result my self esteem was at an all time low.
I didn’t believe anything was going to let me get my body back. But from the very first week of committing to FUEL I saw results. Not only was I losing weight, I was performing better in my workouts. Through FUEL, I have hit every weight loss, and
performance goal I have set for myself. I have lost over 20lbs, cut over 3 minutes off of my one mile run time, and for the first time in my life I can incorporate unassisted pull-ups into my workouts!

In the beginning I was not sure that I would be able to learn how to plan my meals, and count my macros, and hit my numbers consistently. Now, it is just a normal part of our life. Even my kids ask if they can weigh out their food like mommy and daddy

The one-on-one interaction I get with my nutrition coach is amazing, any question I have, I just shoot him an email and he always gets back to me with an answer and an explanation. He is always encouraging me and pushing me to reach my goals. FUEL has
changed my life! Before FUEL, I was always trying to see how little I could eat, and still have the energy to make it through the day. Now that I am fueling my body the way I am supposed to, I am able to keep up with my kids, work, and still have
the energy to kill it at the gym!

Julia Harrelson

Teresa Brock Before and After
Teresa Brock Before and After

I reached out to Barry regarding the Fuel Nutrition program mid-November 2017. At the time, it had been almost 8 months since I had my baby and I was not having any luck dropping the remaining ‘baby fat’ on my own. Prior to beginning the program, I had been going about my normal ‘paleo modified’ diet. However, the weight was just not coming off and I felt sluggish. It was extremely frustrating to be eating the same as I used to, but no matter what I did, I couldn’t get back into my clothes.

I had a detailed discussion on the requirements of the Fuel Nutrition program with Barry where he explained how the program worked and also taught me how to properly track my food. I began the program right before Thanksgiving and my only goal was to drop weight regardless of my workout performance. While I had seen a few people succeed on this plan, I was still skeptical as that’s my nature. I fully expected to eventually drop weight, but I had no idea how fast or how much food I would be able to eat while doing it.

The first few weeks of tracking were trial and error as I figured out what foods fit into my prescribed ‘macros’, but then once I got the hang of it, it was like figuring out a fun puzzle every night. Barry was also very helpful in providing meal ideas and constant encouragement during the process. I used a wide range of foods to fit into my diet and did the best I could to hit my numbers at least six days a week. By the end of the first month I had lost four pounds. I couldn’t believe it! After that, the weight seemed like it melted off of me. My daily macros intake was increased as I was progressively becoming hungrier the longer I was on the program. Even with the additional food, I continued to lose at least a pound a week for the next two months. I managed to fit a bowl of ice cream into my diet at least 3 nights a week and continued to give myself one cheat day a week (where I didn’t hit my numbers) and was still losing weight.

I have lost about sixteen pounds total and I am lighter than I was before I got pregnant which is amazing to me! Thankfully all my clothes fit again! I am still tracking my macros and in the program with a new goal of keeping my muscle mass up! I also have found that I am not as sluggish as I was prior to beginning the program. I am able to workout, keep up with a baby and still have energy! Big thank you to Barry and this amazing program!

Teresa Brock

 Keriann Santos
Keriann Santos before and after

I have been working out for as long as I can remember. Although working out has always made me feel great I have never been able to be as “cut” as I would expect given the amount of time invested in my fitness.

I knew that I always tried to eat healthy and would try to eat intake more food when I was working out but was never really sure because I could only go based off how I felt. Finally, I realized if I wanted to see a change I would need to try something I had never done before, which for me meant dialing in on my diet.

When I first started FUEL Nutrition, I was surprised that within the first few weeks of tracking my food I already felt like I had more energy and felt stronger than ever in the gym. When I found some meals that hit my numbers for my daily protein, carbs and fat it became easier and easier to continue on. Not to mention, having to track my food on my phone and in my log for my weekly check-in gave me the accountability I needed to keep going. Once I had the right amount of food intake specifically for my body, the results started happening rapidly. I could see the difference weekly and couldn’t believe how fast I was seeing results.

FUEL Nutrition was the missing puzzle piece I needed in order to help me obtain my goals I spent years trying to achieve on my own. I have not looked back since!

Keriann Santos

Derrick After

Derrick Before

Summer of 2017 hit me hard.  Married with 3 kids and I have a job that at times is very physical.  I was hitting the gymon average about 3 days a week and I was bored with my workouts and wasn’t seeing much change.

I’m a Paramedic and its hard to talk to a patient about their health when you yourself aren’t that healthy.  Without planning, as a Paramedic you end up eating out a lot and there isn’t much that is quick and healthy while stuck in an ambulance all

I was hovering around 200 lbs at 5’7″ when I reached out to Barry to seek something different in my workout routine.  Living in Wilmington, NC I don’t get the luxury of seeing Barry weekly or even monthly. But he was willing to help me none the less.
After asking about what I was doing gym and health wise he told me about a diet that he had been on for the past 6 months or so and showed me the results he had experienced.  I was willing to give it a try, especially when he told me that I could
basically eat what I wanted as long as it fell within my numbers.

First off Barry asked me to download an app called “My Fitness Pal” and to start tracking my food intake and habits.  I guess this was the trial run to make sure I could stick to logging my foods.  I mentioned this to my wife and of course as a fitness
nut she jumped on board.  After a month or so of logging my food, Barry sat down with me via phone and we discussed what the diet was all about.  He asked me my goals and gave me a set of numbers.

When it came to hitting my numbers it took some time to get use to trying to hit these numbers.  I had never paid attention to the carbs, protein, and fat in a lot of the foods I was eating.  So research and trial and error followed for a couple weeks.
With my wife on board it was nice to have the support and someone to help meet my goals.  It’s different when you and your wife are eating different foods at different meals and even more difficult when trying to work around kids that have gluten
and dairy intolerances.

Basically my winning combination that helped me stay on track and to make sure I was hitting my numbers was the following: Breakfast: * 2 Fiber One Bars * 120g Egg Whites * 1 Container (6oz) Greek Yogurt w/ fruit on the bottom

Lunch ​* 2x Chicken & Cheese Quesadillas ​** 120g Chicken ** 40g Manchego Cheese ** 2x Tortillas

Dinner * Whatever it took to hit the rest of my numbers

Dinner Snack * 1 Container (6oz) Greek Yogurt w/ fruit on the bottom * Dried Mango Strips (to fill my carb needs)

The nice thing about the lunch was I could add different things to the quesadillas for different flavors…cheese, hot sauce, etc

And then dinner is always different..tuna or chicken and then whatever needed to reach those numbers.

Once I got the hang of it I could start planning ahead for the next day.  I knew I wanted my yogurt for dessert so I would log it.  I knew what my breakfast was gonna be so I would log it and then make my lunch and dinner fit accordingly.  After you
figure out what foods have what you need in them then your good to go.  Need some fat add some olive oil, need some carbs eat some fruit, you get the picture.

At first I didn’t see results, my wife did and neighbors did but I didn’t really see it but then i started to notice the scales were dropping and my clothes were starting to get baggy .  That in itself is the drive to keep moving forward with this diet.
My wife at this point has hit her goal and her “numbers” have been adjusted to help maintain her goal.  I still have a few pounds to lose and I’m not 100% exactly what that goal number is just yet other than trying to hit 170 lbs.  Once I hit 170
I will re-evaluate if I should go lower or stay steady.  I have moved from a large shirt down to wearing a medium in comfort.  Just last week I had to go out and purchase new jeans because what I had were to big and baggy.  I honestly just gave away
half of my closet because the clothes didn’t fit and I have no plans to ever fit in them again.  I will say only purchase a couple new outfits at a time while your slimming down because you might not be in them long.

I am regularly hitting the gym on average 5 days a week now….If I work out today I get more food!  So there is more of a drive to work out.  Its funny because when I first started tracking my numbers it turns out I was under eating each day.  The
first couple weeks was hard eating all the food I had to eat to hit the numbers I needed to hit.  Now its normal for me to eat this amount of food and if I want more I need to make sure I’m doing something in the gym or going for a run.  Its a positive
double edge sword.

I’m really excited to see what 2018 has in store for me!

The best thing about this diet is the weekly check in to hold you accountable and the fact that Barry is always willing to answer any questions to help keep you on track.  He is hard when you need him to be and supportive the rest of the time.

Derrick Harrelson

Rosanne Boswell before and after

I was raised in a wonderful family of nine. I attended a small private school where the mantra was…”eat every bite of food on your plate because there are starving kids in Biafra”. Along with that, a deep sense of guilt was inflicted when you did
eat your food because… “There were starving kids in Biafra”.  While this was also propagated at home, the savvy kids knew that if you gobbled your food as fast as you could, you would be one of the lucky ones to get seconds! Yes, I was one of the
lucky ones.

I was a skinny kid; my brother and I used to count our ribs at night to see who could count the most. Being a tomboy, I was very active; from sun up to sun down, you would find me outside either racing up and down our street against the neighborhood
kids, playing pick up sports, or hiking in the woods. And even though there was plenty of food in the house, I was always hungry. An average weekend breakfast for me consisted of  15- 20 pancakes, 3 eggs and anything else I could scrounge from the

Eating exorbitant amounts of food was a way of life for me even into adulthood. I was always thin but I was always active, either playing sports, working out or hiking so the food I ate was fuel for my active lifestyle. Then I had kids and everything
changed. I went from junior sizes to missy sizes and taking off the weight seemed impossible. I was in a car accident during this time that limited my mobility for years. Eventually I managed to lose the weight get and get back the body style my husband
labeled as “twiggy” however my exercise became limited to swimming and chasing kids which wasn’t enough to keep my weight stable.

Fast-forward to my forties where I watched my “skinny” friends become bloated and put on tremendous amounts of belly fat.  I was determined not to let that happen to me. The scale became my enemy. I weighed myself every morning for nine years. If the
scale was high, I’d starve myself. If it was low enough, I’d eat. All the while, I was still haunted by the guilt of eating when others could not. I became a closet eater. Sometimes I would bake a cake for dessert for my family only to eat the whole
thing before anyone knew I’d baked it.  I would start with a piece, and then I’d eat the row. Well, that looked awkward so I’d eat half and re-frost it so it looked like I baked a small cake. Well, that looked ridiculous so I’d quickly eat the rest
of it and no one was the wiser. Yes, every year my weight went up.

Soon my son agreed to train me, modifying my workouts to compensate for my injury. I thought if I could workout long and hard enough, I deserved to eat. I could even eat more if I worked out extra long and extra hard. Unfortunately, that thought process
backfired and I continued to struggle with my weight.  Fast-forward another ten years. Now I’m in my fifties. And I am still overweight despite regaining an active lifestyle. My son had started a nutrition program and not only was he eating anything
he wanted but he was shedding excess pounds and looked amazing. I asked if he would help me lose the weight. My goal was to get to my wedding day weight. Within seven months, I ate my way into exceeding my goal.

Today, the guilt is gone; I’ve literally been set free with this program. For me, I now eat for a purpose, which is to maintain my weight. If I starve myself, the weight is coming back. If I over eat, the weight is coming back. There is not one speck
of guilt left when I put a bite of food in my mouth. I know that every macro is important to maintaining my weight and the body style I’ve reclaimed.

I couldn’t have done it without the gentle training I got from Barry Boswell. He encouraged me when I got frustrated and kindly reprimanded me when I wanted to go back to starving myself. Through this journey, my motto has been, “trust the process”.
I have trusted the process and feel better mentally and physically than I truly have ever felt in my life. I am blessed to be trained by Barry and will forever be grateful for his work with me.

Rosanne Boswell