Joselyn Tuccinardi – A Whole New Person!

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When I first heard about New You Challenge I took it as the second chance I was searching for (when it comes to my physical and mental health). Making the decision to start the challenge was the biggest challenge itself; I doubted myself If I was going to complete it and that it was going to be a waste of money if I quit. I still remember the first day of the challenge I was in my car, and I was starting to feel very anxious. I felt my heart beating so fast that it was going to pop out of my chest, and my mind was telling me to leave. I took a deep breath and literally just jumped out of my car and told myself that I was strong and brave enough to walk in there and that it would be a new start for me!


I am a super shy person so you can imagine how hard it was to stand there with strangers and worst of all, having to talk about myself in front of everyone. But honestly, at the end of that first session, I felt great, welcomed and supported not only by the coaches but also by all the women in the challenge because I know we were sharing a common goal, which was to feel better. I have always struggled to be confident with myself because of my weight and appearance, my starting weight was 211 lb. and not only that, I had a terrible diet, always feeling tired leading to not focusing enough on important tasks, and not exercising at all was horribly damaging my body and mind. In the new you challenge my coaches were always there willing to help with anything I needed and all the support they showed me made me feel more secure with myself and with my progress; I just wanted to keep going and never stopping. My first set goal was to lose weight, and I knew that to reach it I had to work very hard. Every day that I saw the workout written on the board I thought and told myself “What am I doing here, this is crazy, I’m going to pass out”; yes it was tough, yes I felt like quitting many times, and yes of course I felt so sore and almost threw up after a workout, but there’s nothing as fulfilling as knowing that I actually completed what I thought I couldn’t do.


At the end of the challenge, I realized that losing weight wasn’t my only interest anymore; I felt so much more happy and confident with myself, healthy in many ways, I had more energy and strength. I lost 6 lb. and some people think that 6 lb. is not a lot, they are wrong, my whole body changed with those pounds off and plus the muscle mass gained, and the strength recovered I wanted the challenge to last forever. The good part came when I was offered to join CrossFit right after finishing the challenge, with no doubt I said YES! Completing the new you challenge made the transition easier because it trained me for high-intensity workouts. I’ve been a member for three months already and lost a total of 13 lb. I have never felt this good in my life. I always tell my friends and family that one of the best decisions I’ve taken in my life so far is joining the New You challenge and CrossFit Diehard family. In CrossFit, I have learned a lot more about my body, how to push myself to be great and how to use my strength to reach even higher. I had the opportunity to participate in the Murph workout, it was my first Murph ever and one important goal I set for myself in CrossFit, and I have to say I was a little nervous at the beginning but I pushed hard till the end, and I felt so proud of myself one more time for not quitting and working hard to accomplish that one goal. My goals for the rest of the year is to keep myself active, be more consistent, to challenge myself as much as I can, gain more strength, build endurance, and also to lose some weight. Also I hope one day not to far to be able to get a rope climb!      


– Joselyn Tuccinardi –