What are the benefits of joining a community-based fitness gym?

First and foremost, CrossFit Diehard offers the best value for your money, compared to any other type of gym. The primary reason is that we are locally owned and operated, and the goal of the members of our community-based gym is to provide help, support, and encouragement for each other. You’ll find the environment more welcoming and less intimidating.

Further, you’re getting your workouts programmed and lead by a certified coach and expert on a daily basis. Rather than walking into this gym without a plan, we’ve already written one for you and will lead you through it with the group each day!

At the end of each workout, you’ll receive a unique report card that tracks your progress. We also take snapshots of your workout every day and store them in our system. This is nice because it allows you to compare your progression from week to week so that you know when you’re making gains, and when your body may require some recovery.

A community-based group fitness gym is also better for your health than being at home physically inactive. There are many studies that have shown that individuals who exercise with others and share their thoughts are less lonely and suffer from depression less which has a direct link to physical health.

When it comes to making your lifestyle shift, you’re going to be in a group of people that are on the exact same page as you. You’ll get accountability from other members are also Daytona Beach locals (who also want and need to make progress!). It’s a fun, social atmosphere where everyone is striving for the same goals!

Finally, another benefit of joining a local community-based group fitness gym is that it will help you stay in shape for anything since you’re getting a variety of new workouts regularly and constantly bettering yourself!

Through our experience of working with thousands of Daytona Beach locals at CrossFit Diehard over many years now, there are some other benefits too! You’ll find yourself going to the gym more often, you’ll feel better about yourself and your confidence will grow. This all typically leads to weight loss or a healthier lifestyle overall!

Feel free to contact us anytime with questions on how we can help you make a lifestyle shift! I hope this article was helpful in encouraging you to get involved with our group fitness classes.

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Morgan Pollock


Helping people improve their healthy has always been one of my biggest goals. I am currently in studying to get my BS in Kinesiology, and I plan to be a PE teacher or athletic director. I love to see people walk in the gym, accomplish a new movement or kill a workout and leave with a smile on their face! Ever since I started CrossFit I knew I was gonna love it. I previously did competitive gymnastics and was looking for a sport similar after I stopped competing and shortly after I started doing CrossFit! I was hooked after the first workout and haven’t looked back since. The CrossFit community is absolutely amazing, the support and drive one gets from coaches and other members is what pushes me to try my best every day.


CrossFit Level 2 Certification



Haley loves helping others better themselves physically and mentally. CrossFit changed her life and if she can help guide others to find a passion or feel better and live a better life, she’s all about it!Haley loves both the community and the competitive aspect of CrossFit, knowing while everyone has different goals they can all come together to achieve them.Haley knows and has experienced how being around good energy can significantly change her well being, both mentally AND physically. It is her goal to bring that good energy to her classes and to help others achieve that same experience through her coaching!


CrossFit Level 1




Jessy is a veteran volleyball player and coach, and she found a love for CrossFit after setting a goal: to be in the best shape of her life by 30. “Sure enough, CrossFit did the trick!” she says, while recounting her story. “A couple of years later, the opportunity of becoming a CrossFit coach was there so I jumped on it.”

Jessy doesn’t view this as her job, but more as a purpose. “It just feels right to be around people trying to make their day a little better. And, if I can help members achieve any fitness goals, reach a PR, or witness anyone do a movement for the first time… that’s just like bonus points!” she says. “What I love most about coaching is the social interactions and the relationships/community being built. I enjoy being around people but I also like getting to know the members personally.”

Fun facts about Jessy: Before coaching volleyball and CrossFit, she was an elementary school P.E teacher in Denver, Colorado. She also speaks both English and French.


CrossFit Level 1
B.A. Human Performance and Sport
Actively CrossFitting since January 2009
Coaching CrossFit since February 2011



Keriann says helping someone reach a goal or just making someone’s day is her true passion. She believes in spreading kindness. “When someone comes into the gym in a down mood, I love when I can help them leave with a smile on their face,” she says.

Keriann has struggled with anxiety since middle school and has always used exercise as an outlet for it. When she first tried CrossFit, she was hooked. “Within my first month of CrossFit, I knew I wanted to become a coach,” she says. “I started to realize how much CrossFit was becoming a tool to help combat my anxiety. Not only was I was achieving things and doing movements I never thought I would be capable of doing, I had a community of people around me who actually cared about me and my progress, something I had never experienced in my previous workout regimen.”


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
Actively CrossFitting since June 2014
Coaching CrossFit since June 2015



Alex says what brings him the most joy is changing someone’s mood. “I hope by the time they leave the box they’re in a better place than when they came in,” he says.

He’s passionate about helping people achieve their goals of better living and bringing a smile to their faces. Over the years, Alex has had a smile on his face from years of high school football and baseball and semi-pro football. Alex also served four years in the U.S. Army, where he earned an impressive array of awards including: a Purple Heart, 3 Army Commendation Medals, Afghanistan Campaign Medal w/ Campaign Star, NATO Medal, Combat Action Badge, Army Good Conduct Medal, and Global War on Terrorism Medal.


CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Gymnastics
Actively CrossFitting since March 2014
Coaching CrossFit since November 2015



Boz was truly passionate about fitness from a very young age. So much so that as a young teenager when most of his peers were more interested in video games, he convinced his parents to allow him to convert their garage into his personal gym. Since then, Boz has been dedicated to strength and fitness, and helping people live active, fulfilling lives.

Boz found CrossFit in his senior year at Liberty University where he was pursuing a degree in Exercise Science. While he was learning how to make people stronger and perform better, he was becoming bored with his own exercise program. CrossFit changed the way he saw fitness, provided him with unparalleled results, and gave him an avenue to build a dream career. Today, Boz strives to help people discover their own strength and abilities, and to show them how to accomplish what they believe to be the impossible.


B.S. Kinesiology and Exercise Science
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Endurance
Precision Nutrition Level 1
Actively CrossFitting since February 2008
Coaching CrossFit since May 2011

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